Hay House Radio


Divine inspiration

Music escapes from its burning instrument
and takes asylum in the silence of my mind
The aroma of fresh brewed “Earl Grey”
fills the empty cup in my soul
Rain drizzle on the flowers I planted last summer
mirrors my face with beauty
Sweet message of my last supper and fortune cookies
inspires hope

The sound, scent, sight and taste
dilute in an ink the color of truth,
They bring my fingers to touch
my pen

where its tip reaches the papers dressed in a white bridal gown
and asks her to dance
to the divine beat.

The shoe talks

These feet have walked the Earth
They have climbed mountains, crossed oceans
The feet that filled these shoes,
walked down the isle
danced through the night,
stumped on grapes to make wine, played in the mud just for fun.
followed the path of angels and
stepped on the tail of demons
These feet have left prints on the sands of time,
ran to the light and pedaled the wheels of life
Be that as it may,
these feet never tire,
they stand tall,
they stand proud

Whatever that died today farewell

The old vacuum cleaner and left over spring tulips
my unmended heart and rusty old bicycle,
Yesterday’s dreams and my wedding crystal,
Farewell and so long everyday routine,
My bridge nights and his poker ritual
The burnt casserole in the stove and
All the art work on my bedroom wall
Today has a new promise, a new light.
The world records are broken
And I will have the title for the most of everything my heart desires
My embryos have wings, they fly with the speed of light,
I have a date with my maker in a distant future,
soon after I’m ready
to say farewell to everything material


I see god in the eyes of children
and in the hearts of their mothers
I feel the pain of the wounded souls
and the agony of lost moments
I hear the desperate cry of the silenced
and the laughter of the triumphant
I sense the need of a howling wolf
and the heat of a hungry man
I feed courage to the coward
and bow to the glory of the brave
I know the secret of a woman’s perfume
and what uzips her dress
I live in the glance of an angel
and the terror of our demons
I am what came before…