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Welcome to the Creative World of Pari Danian

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Check Mate™ is an intriguing psychological game that can emotionally benefit both sides of any relationship. Each move reflects the thoughts and state of mind of the player without a word being spoken.

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Pari Danian published this enlightening book of poetry in December 2012. It is her journey into exploring the depths of our existence within the tapestry of this amazing universe.

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Pari Danian published The Palatable Plate in 2010. This is a cookbook that combines her passion for cooking with her love of photography and the written word.

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To truly thrive, an artist needs many modes of expression. Picasso painted, sculpted, and illustrated. Jane Austen wrote, performed plays, and practiced the piano.

Dallas artist Pari Danian expresses her artistic vision through a variety of mediums: photography, sculpture, writing, and poetry. She is a creative artist who follows her intuition, and manages to balance her thoughts and feelings while creating something NEW, something breathtaking!

Pari Danian channels her artistic vision into an array of tangible objects available to you. Originally from Iran, Pari combines classic Persian tastes with modern life experiences for artwork as unique as she is.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]