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About Pari

Pari Danian is a sculptor, photographer, and author. She was born in Iran, educated in England and United States, and now resides in her chosen home, Dallas Texas.

Pari’s journey of artistic expressions started at an early age, influenced by her parents who were art enthusiasts. Her first exposure to sculpture was her father’s statuettes made in self-drying clay and plaster. Her mother taught her gardening, cooking, and sewing, while her father taught her literature and music appreciation.

Pari has experienced and produced in many art forms, including textile, doll-making, sewing, ceramics, sculpture, culinary art, photography, and poetry.

The evolution of Pari’s works reflects her life experience in three continents and the cultural double standards she has endured. As a US immigrant during an economic recession in the early 80’s, Pari suppressed her passion for the arts and chose engineering and mathematics as her career path. Soon after graduation, she worked as a software engineer with major corporations such as American Airlines, Texas Instrument, and Lucent Technologies.

She always kept abreast of her artistic talents, considering herself a serious hobbyist and gaining familiarity with several different mediums. In 2000, she left the engineering field and began dedicating serious attention to her profound love of creating art. She established her studio in Dallas, Texas and attended many workshops with various ceramic masters, including Lea Aikins, George Bowes, and Victoria Fowler.

Since then, she has created many unique sculptural pieces, most notably, her personalized “Marriage Chess Game,” which is currently being reviewed and considered as a form of psychological entertainment.

Pari began taking photographs for sculptural study purposes. She photographed subjects that inspired her, later realizing that the photographs themselves were profound statements of her vision. Pari embraced this art form like a newborn and made it her main focus for several years, learning the techniques of digital technology, as well as film photography.

Pari has had private showings of her work, and in 2008, she held a public exhibit in Dallas where she shared her artwork and literature. Pari’s book, The Palatable Plate, was published on May 15, 2010 and combines her passions for food, photography, artistic design, and storytelling.